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Welcome to the School of Kinesiology, Counseling & Rehabilitative Sciences

Health and wellness are holistic concepts, involving both body and mind. The School of Kinesiology, Counseling, and Rehabilitative Sciences takes a comprehensive approach to enhancing the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities, offering an array of programs that train professionals in physical wellness, mental health care, and illness or injury prevention and recovery.

KCRS was designed with NKU's pillars of access, completion, and community in mind. In terms of accessibility, the school delivers its programs in a variety of formats, including online, accelerated, and face to face, with affordably competitive tuition rates. It is dedicated in its recruitment and retention of a diverse student body, faculty, and staff. KCRS' programs advise and mentor students to achieve degree completion, and provide a sequence of educational opportunities that extend from undergraduate coursework through graduate-level professional preparation. KCRS is dedicated to its regional community, collaborating with public and private agencies to enhance clinical and internship opportunities for our students and providing leadership in enhancing the well-being of Northern Kentucky.

Dr. Lipping

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The Human Performance Laboratory

The Human Performance Laboratory at Northern Kentucky University is prepared to provide an analysis and interpretation of physiological and biomechanical data to improve health, fitness and performance. This multifaceted lab provides a space for teaching, research and service.

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Our People
Alar Lipping

Dr. Alar Lipping

School of Kinesiology, Counseling & Rehabilitative Sciences
HC 206A | 859-572-6576 |

Jasmine Williamson

Jasmine Williamson, MAE
Academic Coordinator

School of Kinesiology, Counseling, & Rehabilitative Sciences
HC 206J | 859-572-6553 |

Taylor Allesch

Taylor Allesch
Graduate Assistant

School of Kinesiology, Counseling & Rehabilitative Sciences
HC 206 | 859-572-6557 |

Gina Kearns

Gina Kearns
Graduate Assistant

School of Kinesiology, Counseling & Rehabilitative Sciences
MP 203 | 859-572-1448 |

Program Directors
Terrance Anderson

Dr. Terrance Anderson
Occupational Therapy, OTD Program Director

FH 595M | 859-572-6933 |

Dorea Glance

Dr. Dorea Glance
School Counseling, MA Program Director

MEP 203D | 859-572-1490 |

Christopher Lawrence

Dr. Christopher Lawrence
Clinical Mental Health, MS Program Director

MEP 203G | 859-572-6652 |

Dr. Carol Ryan

Dr. Carol Ryan
Physical Education and Health, BA Program Director

HC 206G | 859-572-5152 |

Gabe Sanders

Dr. Gabe Sanders
Exercise Science, MS Program Director

HC 111 | 859-572-1331 |

Dr. Jason White

Dr. Jason White
Exercise Science, BS Program Director

HC 206D-2 | 859-572- |

Ashley Nicole De La Torre-Brooks

Dr. Ashley Nicole De La Torre-Brooks
Human Services & Addictions, BS Program Director

HC 206K | 859-572- |

Rachele Vogelpohl

Dr. Rachele Vogelpohl
Athletic Training, MS & BS Program Director

FH 599B | 859-572-5623 |

Kinesiology Faculty
Keith Collins

Mr. Keith Collins
Exercise Science

HC 206L | 859-572-5960 |

Gary Eippert

Dr. Gary Eippert

HC 206F | 859-572-6156 |

Rebecca Elkins

Dr. Rebecca Elkins
Physical Education and Health

HC 206C-1 | 859-572-5196 |

Jennifer Lape Kaiser

Dr. Jennifer Lape Kaiser
Exercise Science

HC 206M |

Alma Mattocks

Dr. Rhyanne McDade
Diversity Post Doctoral Fellow

HE 206B |

Counseling Faculty
Susannah Coaston

Dr. Susannah Coaston
Associate Professor

MEP 203C | 859-572-1551 |

Josh Elliott

Dr. Joshua Elliott
Assistant Professor

MEP 203F | 859-572-7598 |

Greg Hatchett

Dr. Greg Hatchett

MEP 211 | 859-572-6195 |

Dana Ripley

Dr. Dana Ripley
Assistant Professor

MEP 203E | 859-572-1994 |

Dr. Hallie Sylvestro

Dr. Hallie Sylvestro
Assistant Professor


Rehabilitative Sciences Faculty
Angela Boyd

Dr. Angela Boyd
Occupational Therapy Academic Fieldwork Coordinator

FH 595L  | 859-572-5302 |

Collin Herb

Dr. Collin Herb
Athletic Training

HE 595K | 859-572-1399 |

Nicole Ruscello

Dr. Nicole Ruscello, OTD, OTR/L

Doctoral Capstone Coordinator for the Doctorate of Occupational Therapy Program

photo of Erin Rowan

Erin Rowan, MS, OTR/L, CLT

Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program Adjunct