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‌The Northern Kentucky University (NKU) SBIRT Health Professions Student Training Project is aimed at developing and providing hands-on training to both undergraduate and graduate students at NKU.  The primary focus is to provide transdisciplinary training to future nurses, social workers, counselors, and human services/addictions workers, who will soon be entering the professional workforce in their chosen capacities.

The three-year federally funded grant from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has several long-term goals:

SBIRT screening Card

The SBIRT pocket card was developed for use as a guide for health professionals and other providers during a brief alcohol or substance use intervention with patients. One side of the card includes brief substance use screening questions, low-risk alcohol consumption chart, a definition of risk categories and recommended actions.  The other side identifies misuse through a five-step  brief intervention procedure, includes a summary of key interviewing questions and techniques, and provides a readiness-to-change scale to share as a visual aid with patients.