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Frequently Asked Questions


I would like to learn more about becoming a preceptor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a preceptor for Northern Kentucky University. You can find out more by contacting us at You can also reach out to the MSN Preceptor Coordinator, Felicia Dooley at 

I recieved an email from PaymentWorks, is this a scam?

PaymentWorks is a trusted third party partner that works with our university. In the welcome and thank you letters we sent out, we mentioned that you would be recieving an invite via PaymentWorks. Please fill out this information as soon as possible so you can be compensated for you dedicated hard work in a timely manner. 

I've been a preceptor before for NKU, do I still need to resend my information?

We always ask that preceptors submit their resume at the start of every semester so we have the latest career information for all our preceptors. However, you don't have to resubmit PaymentWorks. Once you fill it out your in the system for future semesters. 

Does NKU offer certification for hours precepted with students?

Yes, please email with your name and the student you precepted and we'll send you a certification letter.