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The Art & Design Program is proud to offer the Annual Juried Student Exhibition for current students. Artworks in this exhibition are selected by an external juror and offer students a real-world experience in applying for a juried exhibition. In addition, many awards will be given.

  • Application Opens: TBA
  • Application Closes: TBA
  • Selected Students Contacted via Email: TBA

Exhibition Dates: Feb. 19 – March 14, 2024
Closing Reception: Thursday, March 14
                                    5:00-7:00 pm


Application Process

NO LATE ENTRIES. The artwork(s) and image list must be uploaded by the deadline above to be considered in the jurying process.


An outside juror will review submitted artworks from NKU art and design students to curate into the exhibition. Not all artworks will be juried into the show, this is a professionally curated exhibition. You must currently be an enrolled student and have taken an art class within the last academic year to be eligible.

Number of entries

Up to 5 artworks in any medium will be considered.


Please submit digital image/video files labeled like this: Last name_submission1.jpg, Last name_submission2.jpg, Last name_submission3.jpg, etc. Each video file should be less than 20-minutes and saved as a .mov, .avi or .mpeg. 


Application/Image List  (saved as a .jpg)
As part of the application please include the completed application/image list of work submitted as a .jpg/jpeg. The application and image list form can be downloaded by clicking on the yellow button above. That information should include:

First Name, Last Name
Email Address

Title of each artwork
Dimensions (if 3-D all dimensions) or Length (if time-based)
Price (if not for sale, please put NFS)
Insurance Price (value of the artwork for replacement costs) 

Please include up to 5 artworks saved as your Last name_title.jpg (.mov/.mpeg)
+ application/image list saved as your Last_name_app.jpg 
(The artwork uploader does not accept .pdf's. All application/image lists must be saved as a .jpg)



General Information

Aspects, which may be looked at during the jurying process. (However, the juror may bring their own opinion and criteria to the jurying process):

  • Creative expression
  • Demonstrated craft/technique in media
  • Craftsmanship
  • Presentation (neatness, if appropriate)
  • Evidence of problem-solving in artwork
  • Consistent thematic body of artwork or consistent stylistic range in artwork
  • Effective use of form (if applicable)
  • Effective use of color (if applicable)
  • Effective use of time (if applicable)

Guest Juror

To be announced.