(Version 1.0a)

Developed by
Jared Aldstadt, DongMei Chen and Arthur Getis
San Diego State University

Basic descriptive statistics
Nearest neighbor analysis
Refined nearest neighbor analysis
K-Function (second-order analysis)
Weighted K-Function analysis
Cluster: Knox Time-space analysis
Join-count statistic
Global Moran's I
Global Geary's c
General Getis-Ord's G
Local Ii statistic
Local Gi statistic
Local Gi* statistic
Local K-Function
Sample Data sets

Stat-specific Documentation by Jared Aldstadt.
General PPA documentation by the authors.

Upload your own ASCII data for use in PPA

Please: no text in your files: just numbers, ASCII number!

Text in the file (e.g. a word at the end of the file) causes ppa to choke, and leaves the process running on our machines. We then must kill these 'zombie' processes, as they bog down our system.

NB: you cannot submit Word documents, Excel documents, or any other binary format and expect useful results! Only ASCII (.txt) files, with the appropriate format, are allowed. You can check the file formats each test requires by selecting the test and examining the example files provided.

No Excel files!!! No Word files!!!

These are BINARY formats, and WILL NOT WORK!
Name for the file on the server (e.g. my.dat - do not use c:\...! - and a short (e.g. eight character) but unique name is better, as it is less likely to be overwritten by someone else):

(your file will be deleted from our system after one hour of inactivity).

You can submit multiple files by submitting them one-by-one (and giving them different names!).

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