Incoming Freshman Scholarships

Visual Arts Freshman Scholarships

The Visual Arts program at Northern Kentucky University is pleased to offer art scholarship opportunities for our incoming freshman students.  Students who are majoring in Visual Arts and have officially applied at NKU may compete for this scholarship support. Two Visual Arts Freshman Scholarships will be awarded, each for one semester of in state tuition. Several alternates will also be chosen.

To apply for one of these portfolio-based freshman scholarships, please fill out the NKU Visual Arts Incoming Freshman Scholarship Application through the link provided below. As part of the application, the student must upload a PDF document containing digital images of 7 pieces of artwork.  Each image must be labeled as directed in the ‘Scholarship Art PDF Formatting’ document (see below). Applicants will be judged on the quality and originality of their artwork, as well as their grade point average, SAT/ACT scores, letter of intent, letter of recommendation (preferably from their high school art teacher), and high school transcripts.

The scholarship application deadline is MARCH 15 of every year.

CLICK HERE for the Visual Arts Incoming Freshman Scholarship Application

For questions regarding the scholarship application process,
Paige Wideman
Office: FA 413 | 859.572.6061

Kentucky Governor's Scholars Award Scholarships
If you have participated in the Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts you may be eligible to apply for full in-state tuition at Northern Kentucky University.  Eligibility for this scholarship includes a 3.0 GPA or higher, a class rank in the top 20%, an ACT composite score of 24 or higher or an SAT score of 1090 or higher and must be a degree-seeking student.   

Contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance for more information.
Toll-Free  1.888.225.4499

Other Institutional Scholarships can be found under the Freshman Scholarship Listing.

CLICK HERE for a complete list of Scholarships and Awards

Current Student Scholarships

Visual Arts Scholarship Information for Current Students
The Visual Arts Program in the School of the Arts at Northern Kentucky University is pleased to offer scholarships for students majoring in Visual Arts.  Students may compete yearly for scholarship support.

Student artwork will be judged on its merits by the Visual Arts faculty, who will also consider their overall grade point average, participation in visual arts courses, and overall artistic development. All scholarships in the Visual Arts Program are awarded on a competitive basis. 

Visual Arts Scholarships Quick INFO

Incoming Freshman Scholarships
DUE March 15

Current Student Scholarships
DUE March 31


  • Entrants must be able to be a full-time student and must maintain a 3.0 grade point average at the university to receive and retain the scholarship.
  • Part-time students may apply for scholarship support, but must be a full-time student in the scholarship award year.
  • Previous scholarship winners may re-apply for scholarship support each year.
  • Artwork must have been completed within the past year.

Important Dates

Application Deadline:
Applications must be submitted by March 31st each year.
Late (and/or incomplete) submissions will not be considered.


Digital Submission Guidelines:
Each applicant must submit an online application through the link provided below. As part of the application, each student must upload their unofficial NKU transcript and properly labeled artwork in separate PDF documents (see specifics below).    

Online Scholarship Application Links

Current Foundations Student Scholarship Application

Sophomore, Junior & Senior Student Scholarship Application

Unofficial Transcript PDF Submission
Rename the pdf document:
    (Example: kahlo_frida_transcript.pdf)

Artwork PDF Submission 

Each student must submit their artwork in a single PDF document. There are many great online tutorials that will help you make the best reproductions possible.

Instructions to format your artwork in a .pdf:
Scholarship Art PDF Formatting

Here is an excellent tutorial on how to photograph your artwork:


Artwork Requirements

Seven (7) individual artworks must be submitted for scholarship consideration with a total of 14 images permitted, allowing for detail shots as needed.  Work may be in a single discipline or a combination of work from 2D, 3D, and 4D areas. If a student is working in a series, each work of art he/she submits counts as one individual work of art.

For 2-D and 3-D work, please provide

  • A minimum of 1 full view of each individual artwork.
  • Remaining images are details of the submitted individual artworks.

For Time-Based work, please provide

  • URL link to a maximum 7-minute video uploaded to YouTube or VIMEO.
  • This video can be one clip from a single video or it can be a compilation of clips from up to 7 videos.
  • Each video included in the compilation counts as one work of art.
  • One still from each of the selected videos must be submitted in the remaining image allotment. Please put the image in order as they will be seen in the submission.        

Labeling of Artwork
Please review the "Scholarship Art PDF Formatting' document above for proper layout. Any embellishment on this layout will result in disqualification. Each image must be labeled as follows:

Your Full Name                                Ex:    Joe Smith
Title of the Artwork                                   Conversations
Medium                                                   Steel, fabric, and wood
Dimensions *(see specifics below)              31” x 24” x 12”

Labels for “Detail” views of your artwork (or alternate views of a 3-D/Installation) should be as follows:

Your Full Name                                Ex:    Joe Smith
Title of the Artwork                                   Conversations
DETAIL                                                    DETAIL

* Dimensions are required for all artworks submitted, whether photographs, digital art, drawings, etc. The committee understands that photographs and digital art can be printed or exist in multiple sizes/dimensions. In these cases, please submit the image dimensions in which the work was originally created.

Dimensions should follow this format:

  • 2-Dimensional – width x height (designate if inches, feet, or centimeters, etc.)
  • 3-Dimensional – width x height x depth (designate if inches, feet, or centimeters, etc.)
  • Digital Art – width x height (designate in inches, centimeters, or pixels, etc.)

Scholarship Application Checklist

Your online scholarship application submission includes:

 ___ Requested student information

 ___ Completed writing for all questions

 ___ Unofficial NKU transcript in PDF format (uploaded)
        (for Incoming Freshman - high school transcript and letter of recommendation each in PDF format)

 ___ Properly labeled artwork in PDF format (uploaded)

Scholarship Details

The faculty in the Visual Arts Program will review applications and artwork to determine the scholarship awards. 

Please be aware that having received a scholarship of any amount in the past does not guarantee that a student will receive one the next time he/she applies. Nor does it guarantee that if a student did receive a scholarship again that it will be for the same amount. Scholarship support includes: SOTA, Visual Arts Program, Friends of Fine Arts, and the Schiff Family Photography Scholarship. The number and the kind of scholarships are determined by funds available. Several alternates will also be chosen. 

Scholarship Recipient Service
Each awardee will be required to perform 10 hours of service to the Visual Arts Program, School of the Arts and/or NKU during the year the scholarship funds are received.

For questions regarding the scholarship application process, please contact:
Paige Wideman
Office: FA 413 | 859.572.6061