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NKU's Student-Staffed Audio and Video Production House

NorseMedia's mission is to create an environment where our campus' emerging media makers are able to develop their creative, technical, and business-oriented skills while supervised by School of Media and Comminucation (SMC) faculty. NorseMedia creates documentaries, produces multicamera streaming events, works with nonprofits and on campus clients for promotional and informational videos and podcasts, collaborates on filmed narrative projects, and much more.

In addition to our production work NorseMedia curates and programs the content for NKU's PEG cable television station, found on channel 818 on Cincinnati Bell cable, or channel 197 on Specturm.

While primarily under the care of the Electronic Media & Broadcasting program, all aspects of the SMC and related programs across campus are reflected in NorseMedia activities.

Questions or have an upcoming project that might benefit from our production expertise? Contact NorseMedia's Director, Chris Strobel, at (859) 572-1426 or e-mail us at

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