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Your catalog year refers to the academic year you were first admitted to Northern Kentucky University. Your catalog year is important because you follow the curriculum requirements that were in effect that academic year. For example, if you were admitted in Fall 2014, your catalog year is 2014-2015.

The sample checklists available on this website were developed based on the curriculum requirements for each catalog year.  Therefore, it is important that you select and view the checklist(s) for your catalog year.  You can find your catalog year in myNKU by clicking on the Degree Requirement Catalog button in the student section. 

Remember, you must be following the same catalog year for all of your programs (major, minor, etc.)

If you have any uncertainty, please check with your advisor.


The Foundation of Knowledge General Education curriculum is required of all undergraduate degree seeking students. Visit the General Education webpage to access the current checklist of requirements.

Consult with your academic advisor for any questions related to your degree requirements.


Undergraduate Majors

Undergraduate Certificates