Information is at Our Core

A degree from the College of Informatics offers a 21st century perspective on the disciplines that have information at their core.


We are home to the departments of Communication, Computer Science, and Business Informatics.

Through our outreach arm, the Center for Applied Informatics, our students have the opportunity to work with companies and other organizations on cutting-edge projects.

The College offers twelve Bachelor’s degrees, five Master’s degrees, and a range of certificates, both graduate and undergraduate. Several of our programs are available in a variety of forms, including traditional face-to-face, fully online, and hybrid formats. Many of which accommodate working professionals whose availability is limited to evenings and weekends.


Mission Statement

We enable students and the region to thrive in an age of innovation and digital transformation.

Dean Kirby's Welcome

Welcome to the College of Informatics. And welcome to a new way of looking at the world.


Informatics is all about seeking human meaning in a world of data. It is how we find, process, protect, and share information. It encompasses journalism, data science, cybersecurity, public relations, business analytics, and much more.

Fast computation on massive data made mobile and social has changed our lives. Informatics is all about those earthshaking changes. But it goes beyond that. Information is personal, organizational, and global. It is the cold logic of computer code, but it is also the passion of persuasion. It is logic on fire.

In the past year we have opened our half-million dollar donor-funded Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab, and launched new majors in Health Communication and Health Informatics. Our Center for Applied Informatics earned the 2018 Chevron Award from the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Our students are winning awards, competitions, and hackathons, and they are exploring the world, from Guatemala to Sri Lanka.

We were an upstart college built fourteen years ago on the radical premise that breaking a few silos would yield growth and innovation. That has happened.

No matter what your interests or background, come join us as we explore and create.

Office of the Dean

Dean's Advisory Board

John Domaschko
Chairman, Dean’s Advisory Board

Andrew Aiello
General Manager
Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky

Shawn Brock
Director, Product Development

James J. Cordas
Chairman Emeritus

Gary Johnston
Behringer-Crawford Museum

Lisa Knutson
Senior VP/CAO
The E.W. Scripps Company

Debbie Kramer
Director, Customer Insights

Milen Mahadevan
Chief Operating Officer

Patrick C. Nelson
Director Global Business Services
Procter & Gamble Co. (Retired)




J.D. Rogers
Divisional VP & CISO
American Financial Group Inc.

Ria Schalnat
General Counsel
Vora Group

PJ Thelen
Chief Sales Officer,
Pomeroy IT Solutions, Inc.

Daniel Tobergte
President & CEO
Northern Kentucky Tri-ED

Wendy Vonderhaar
Intrinzic Inc.

John R. Ward
Senior VP & Chief Infomation Officer 

Chris Woolums
Public Finance
PNC Bank