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NKCybershield is a Capture-The-Flag (CTF) event, consisting of a series of challenges that vary in degree of difficulty, and that require participants to exercise different skill sets to solve. Once an individual challenge is solved, a "flag" is given to the player and they submit this flag to the CTF server to earn points. CTF events are usually timed, and the points are totaled once the time has expired. The winning team will be the one that solved the most challenges and thus secured the highest score.

The competition will be hosted in the JRG Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab in Griffin Hall. NKU will provide all necessary resources for teams participating in the competition. Each challenge will be judged by a group of experienced students and faculty members in the area of Cybersecurity. For interested audiences, the Digitorium will be reserved to watch the competition as it unfolds.

About NKCyber

The NKU Cyber Defense Team is a group of students who are passionate about computer security. Besides classroom learning, students get together frequently to learn how malicious attackers utilize software and network vulnerabilities to get into computer networks, how to harden computer systems, and how to defend against intrusions. Since 2009, the NKU team has been participating in Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition and brought home many trophies.


Register Now!

The first CTF event will occur on Saturday, March 23, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m in Griffin Hall. Registration is open to all high schools in the Greater-Cincinnati area, but restricted to a toal of 8 teams, each with 4 members. 

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