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How to Report Co-Op/Internship Experience for Credit

1. Log into the Handshake website and click “Current Student” to sign in with your NKU username and password.

2. Once logged in, on the home page look to the top left of the page and find the "Career Center" tab

3. Click the "Experiences(Track your internship or co-op experiences)" box.

3. Click "Add Co-Op/Internship".

4. Choose the appropriate semester and college and click save.

5. Indicate the position you wish to use for the co-op/internship:

  • If you applied for the position via Handshake, select it from the list of your applications, then click Select/Continue.
  • If the job is not listed, click Add New Job.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to find your company/organization.
  • Select the appropriate contact person from the company’s list of contacts. If not found, your supervisor will be added as a contact.

6. Completely fill out the application form in its entirety, making certain to use an official job description and the learning objectives developed with your employer and faculty coordinator.

9. E-sign with your initials and click Save. You can check the status of your co-op/internship application at any time by clicking View My Co-op/Internship Records on the Sign-up for Co-op/Internship Credit box.

You are responsible for ensuring that all information is filled out correctly so that the approval process is completed in a timely way. It is key to remain in good communication.

Important notes for students - BEFORE COMPLETING ONLINE COURSES

  • Determine whether you are taking a department-based internship/co-op (examples: CIT 396, CMST396, MIN 396, PRE 396, etc.) or the campus-wide co-op (CEP 300, CEP 600).  Select the semester that corresponds to both the timeframe of your experience and the course you wish to take. 
  • Have your supervisor's name, title, address, phone and email available.
  • Gather the job description or web-link for the job description.  If you cannot locate a copy, type a paragraph or two to describe the position.
  • Create three student learning objectives (major- or minor-related educational goals) for this position. You will discuss them with your supervisor and your faculty coordinator prior to completing the online form. Be prepared to…
    • Describe the educational goal:
    • Describe how you plan to accomplish this goal:
    • Describe how and when the goal will be evaluated:
  • Once you begin the Experiential Learning form, you must complete it; the system does not allow you to save for editing at a later time.

You are responsible for seeing that all information is filled out correctly so that the approval process is completed in a timely way. It is key to remain in good communication.

Next Steps

Once the application has been received, your co-op/internship manager will initiate the workflow. This will generate a system email (from to your supervisor for his/her approval.  Once approved, the system will automatically send an email to your faculty coordinator, requesting approval.  Once approved by both parties, your co-op/internship manager will communicate with you about the next steps.  Please check your email regularly for updates.

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