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The Home of the College of Informatics

Griffin Hall is the embodiment of everything digital, providing a unique resource to the NKU campus and the region.

It is a unique and inviting state-of-the-art facility where a new generation of professionals are building our region's information economy. Purposely designed to be a space for artists, musicians, doctors, entrepreneurs, and scientists, Griffin Hall will supply new workforce talent, technically skilled and broadly prepared, to the region.


griffin hall exterior with students walking
Griffin Hall exterior with blue sky
View of Student Union from Griffin Hall
Side of Griffin Hall
Griffin Hall with sunset behind it
Griffin Hall at night


Griffin Hall classroom and lobby
view of classroom from lobby
bird's eye view of classroom
Griffin Hall study area with students
wooden stairs and rainbow lights
artistic angle of rainbow lights

George & Ellen Rieveschl Digitorium

Digitorium screen and audience
student looking at digitorium screen
woman at podium in front of screen
digitorium seating and audience
side view of audience