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Cyber Defense Team

The NKCyber is an organization for students who are passionate about computer security. Besides classroom learning, students get together frequently to learn how malicious attackers utilize software, network vulnerabilities to get into computer networks, how to harden computer systems, and how to defend against intrusions.

Our weekly meetings offer students great opportunities to put their knowledge to the test in a live networking environment. 

Students not only get chances to enhance their learning experiences at NKU
by joining the team, but also have opportunities to participate in a variety of
computer security competitions. The experiences gained from these
competitions are extremely beneficial for students’ future career

Since 2009, NKCyber has been participating in the Collegiate Cyber Defense
Competition and brought home many trophies.

The team has also participated in many other competitions testing both
offensive and defensive security skills, such as Cyber Wars, Cyber Challenges,
CSAW CTF, UCSB International Capture the Flag, PoliCTF, and Stripe CTF.

Dr. Shahid Noor from the Computer Science Department has been the
team’s advisor since 2021. If you are interested in joining the team, please
contact Dr. Noor at