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The Pre-Medical Learning Community includes a partnership between the NKU Honors College and the University of Kentucky College of Medicine—Northern Kentucky campus. This learning community has toured the UK Medical School campus at NKU, visited with medical professionals at St. Elizabeth, and met with admissions officers from the UK College of Medicine. Courses in this learning community are designed to have students think broadly about ethics, communication, and regional health needs as they relate to the practice of medicine. Students will encounter science writing from a range of academic disciplines and critically evaluate various modes of written and oral communication. Over the course of the Fall and Spring semesters, students will be asked to develop independent research topics exploring health and medical information, as well as discuss how these topics are communicated between experts and non-experts. Students will also participate in professional development training to begin thinking about the admissions process to medical schools, as well as gain valuable shadowing and volunteer experiences to prepare them for careers in the health care industry or life in graduate programs after graduation.

Fall Course: What Makes Us Human?
Faculty Lead:
Casey Kuhajda