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students participating in mock trial

In this community we will try to get beyond restrictive notions of the study and profession of law.  Lawyering has grown in concept and scope.  It's surprising how many lawyers are not just "practicing" law, in the sense of going to court, writing contracts, or structuring legal entities,  Many lawyers are entrepreneurs, business owners, creators, and tech. innovators.  To understand the variety and scope of what the legal profession is right now, we will talk to lawyers who approach their careers in a variety of ways, including traditional corporate attorneys, solo practitioners, legal scholars and professors, and even "legal hackers."  Additionally, this community will attempt to examine the philosophy and theory of legal reasoning and argument.  It will become evident that not only is legal thought a distinct mode/sphere of inquiry, but that such inquiry permeates many other human institutions.  When studying law in the honors program, you will discover how many significant processes in our society incorporate a jurisprudential model.  Mastering and understanding the intricacies of these processes is what empowers your future study of law.  Law, as a profession, is reinventing itself.

FALL COURSE: Why and How We Argue
FACULTY LEAD: Steven Weiss