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nursing student and faculty in simmulation lab

This particular course makes a study of “the mind” and “the villain.” What does having “human consciousness” mean? What role does family and society play in its construction? What are constructive expressions of rage? What are the ethics involved when witnessing a violent act? How does one fight through mindful pacifism? In this class, we contemplate the different visual and textual representations of the villain; these villains are, in turn, contextualized by critical readings from different academic disciplines and points of view that cover such subjects as consciousness, psychology, criminality, punishment, prison reform, gender, race, class, power dynamics, and ethics. In this way, students gather an appreciation of the human identified as a criminal or labeled villainous, alongside the social and political structures that shape human behavior and influence our concept of “evil.” Our class will gather a more critical understanding of the villain, the criminal, and the social ramifications of human behavior through observation and an interdisciplinary study of human behavior and “badness.” 

FALL COURSE: Mind of the Villain
FACULTY LEAD: Rachel Zlatkin