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nursing student and faculty in simmulation lab

The Pre-Nursing Learning Community includes a partnership between the NKU Honors College and the College of Health and Human Services. Students will encounter science writing from a range of academic disciplines and critically evaluate various modes of written and oral communication. Over the course of the Fall and Spring semesters, students will be asked to develop independent research topics exploring health and medical information, as well as discuss how these topics are communicated between experts and non-experts. Students will work closely with a Nursing faculty member during their first semester (two semesters earlier than most nursing students). They will begin investigating and planning for nursing-related research throughout their academic career. Students will also be introduced to the simulation lab where they will gain simulation experience. Pre-Nursing students will also be able to participate in Lunch and Learns where they will meet professionals and learn more about their careers.

Fall Course: Defining Health
Faculty Lead: Gannon Tagher