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students on panel at recruitment event

The Social Justice and Community Engagement Learning Community gives students both an intellectual foundation and the research, writing, and speaking skills that they need to become agents of change in their own communities. Students will contribute to a pilot community-based research project that will both reach the general public and be archived at NKU’s Steely Library; telling both their own stories and the stories of others who live and work in their communities. They will also design their own independent research projects that address a social or community issue that matters to them. Finally, they will meet NKU alums who have pursued careers as entrepreneurs, educators, and experts in sustainable development, real-world models for how NKU and honors can prepare students to make a meaningful difference—locally, regionally, and around the world.

Fall Course(s): Social Justice and Community Engagement, The Wicked and the Righteous, Community Engaged Conversations
Faculty Lead:
Tonya Krouse