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why honors?

The Honors College prepares students for a lifetime of success by building such critical skills as understanding diverse points-of-view, communication and collaboration, information evaluation, and innovative thinking–so they can spearhead the next generation of achievement.

Isaiah Kelly, a media informatics major is making strides and opening doors left and right. He’s used the tools NKU has provided him to create his own shoe business and, in the process, competed in and won a prestigious entrepreneurship award.

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Alma Onate, a chemistry major who has minors in biology and honors, moved to the U.S. from Mexico when her younger sister, Sandra, was diagnosed with glaucoma at a young age. Sandra, who is now a freshman chemistry major at NKU, had multiple surgeries on both of her eyes over the years. Those surgeries led to a financial burden that caused Alma’s parents to lose their home last year—right in the middle of Alma’s toughest semester on campus.


honors innovates

The Honors College is a place for innovation and creativity. We are constantly seeking to launch new initiatives that contribute to student success an dempower students across campus.  Check out some of our most recent innovative projects below.  

Humans of Greater Cincinnati

NKU R.O.C.K.S. and the Honors College are piloting the Humans of Greater Cincinnati project as part of a first-year experience that includes more than 50 incoming students. Each student will receive an iPad to capture the human experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 election year, the current climate of social and political protest, and more.



At NKU, Esports is more than a game! Whether it’s our competitive varsity program or our NKU Esports Club, you’ll find students engaged in all levels of play. In addition to our programs for players, NKU Esports is engaged in developing classes for students who are interested in making Esports as part of their careers.


Professional Sports in the Queen City Series

So much more happens besides the game on the field. Meet the people behind the scenes of Cincinnati’s proudest franchises in this 5-week seminar series from NKU. All are welcome. Presented on ZOOM.



The Honors College is more than just an academic program. It’s a community of learners and leaders interested in pursuing their passions and challenging themselves. There are several opportunities available to Honors students to inspire them to engage in the world around them and grow as leaders and global citizens. See below for some of our campus partners.  

Institute for Student Research & Creative Activity (ISRCA) 

The Institute for Student Research & Creative Activity (ISRCA) engages, supports, enhances and acknowledges the involvement of students and their faculty mentors in research, scholarship and creative activities throughout campus. ISRCA assists in growing the number and breadth of research, scholarship and creative activity opportunities for all NKU students.


Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement

Scripps builds connections between campus and community, with an emphasis on developing stewardship and citizenship. We work to create an ecosystem of engagement, in which opportunities and experiences are not isolated but part of a learning environment that unites the classroom and the real world.


Office of Education Abroad

Education Abroad provides students with academically rigorous, culturally immersive programs that offer the opportunity for personal growth, academic achievement, and a competitive edge in our increasingly global society. We strive to offer not only affordable programs, but scholarship opportunities to help fund your experience. 



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