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At NKU, there are several academic programs that offer adult-friendly courses that you can complete in order to earn your undergraduate degree, secondary area of focus and/or minor, as well as certificates and microcredentials.  You can also find adult-friendly courses to fulfill general education requirements.

What does adult-friendly mean exactly?

Adult-friendly at NKU means that you will be able to find flexible course and program scheduling that offer you, the adult learner, options to complete your requirements.  In addition to the traditional 16-week daytime and online courses available, NKU offers several accelerated 7-week evening, online, and hybrid courses.  This allows you to customize your schedule in a format that works for you and your life.  

* Focus or Minor?

To meet graduation requirements, a student must complete (i) a focus of at least 12 upper division semester hours in a discipline outside his/her major discipline or in an interdisciplinary program offered by NKU; or (ii) an academic minor, different from the student’s major, offered by NKU; (iii) a second major offered by NKU; or (iv) a major exempted from the minor/focus requirement. Please see appropriate individual program requirements for exempted programs.