Degree Awarded: B.S. in Sociology

Sociology is the scientific study of society. More specifically, it is the study of ways in which humans construct meanings and organize social relationships and activities. This discipline seeks to develop students' ability to observe and think critically about their own and other societies and to become more sensitive to behavioral and value differences among people (which powerfully shape attitudes and opinions). 


Sociology majors work in social services, human resources, health services and corrections. Many go on to graduate school to attain master degrees in law, business or education.

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Kiksuya is an NKU student organization dedicated to service and outreach to Native American communities. Each May, 5 to 20 students participate in a 15-day service trip to Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations where they have the opportunity to live and work with the residents and accomplish a variety of tasks including, cleaning and repairing homes, new construction projects, organic gardening and working at youth centers.

Program Contact Information

Mindy Berry 
Academic Coordinator