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Benefits for KTAP Scholars

Each KTAP Scholar gets a monthly cash allotment and transportation from the KTAP program, in addition to employment opportunities on-campus. KTAP Scholars are also eligible for additional support opportunities:

  • Summer college tuition (if financial aid is unavailable);
  • Free event tickets for the greater Cincinnati/NKY area (awarded based on GPA);
  • Up to $1,500 in vehicle expenses (liability insurance/repairs);
  • $250 education bonus for receiving high school diploma or post-secondary degree; and,
  • Up to $600 in supportive services that can be used for any of the following:
    • NKU parking pass;
    • School supplies/books;
    • One suitable interview outfit for pre-employment purposes;
    • Up to 3 uniforms if employment has been accepted with a start date;
    • Eye glasses, dentures, hearing aids (not covered by health insurance);
    • Licensing fees (such as a driver's license);
    • Criminal records check fee;
    • Copy of records fee;
    • Drug testing fee;
    • Photo ID;
    • Applicaion fee required by a vocational school or program;
    • Training registration fee; and/or,
    • Short term training (not covered by financial aid).