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Academic Advising

To make an advising appointment with your advisor, please use Navigate.

If you plan to graduate in the next semester, you must apply for graduation online. To talk to your advisor about graduation, please make an appointment using Navigate

Career & Graduate School Advising
In addition to academic advising, students are strongly encouraged to meet with professors for specialized advising in careers and graduate schools for specific interest(s).  Please speak with your academic advisor about your interests so that they may direct you to a faculty member for mentoring.

Philosophy Program Advising Information

You can now declare a major or minor in philosophy on MyNKU. Talk with the philosophy faculty advisor to see if a degree in philosophy is right for you.

Once you've declared your major or minor make an appointment with the academic advisor in the philosophy program. A major should meet regularly with the advisor for assistance in planning class schedules that will fulfill general studies requirements and major requirements.

To prepare for an advising meeting, students should examine their general studies and degree check sheets to see what courses they need for graduation. You can check this information on MyNKU. Then check the schedule of classes for availability and create a mock schedule with at least 2-3 back-up classes. Be sure to include the course number and name of each class. In addition to meeting with your advisor to decide on your schedule, you can discuss potential careers and other academic pursuits.

Regular advising conferences help minimize confusion over requirements, scheduling conflicts and the possibility that certification of the major or graduation may be delayed due to unfulfilled requirements. Remember that the requirements for completing the philosophy degree are found in the University Catalog for the year you first entered the university as a degree-seeking student.

The final responsibility for fulfilling the catalog requirements in the major, minor, general studies or other areas still rests with the students.

Philosophy Program Advisors

  • Philosophy Major and Minor -- Kyle Dorriere / LA 324 / 859-572-6477 /
  • Healthcare Ethics and Policy -- Augustine Yaw Frimpong-Mansoh / LA 240 / 859-572-7546 /
  • Religious Studies Minor -- Dr. Terry Pence / LA 206D / 859-572-5594 /

Philosophy Program Co-op Coordinators

Philosophy Program Student Organization Sponsors

  • Ethics Bowl
  • Film and Philosophy Series -- Michael Steinman / LA 216 / 859-572-6112 /
  • Phi Sigma Tau, National Philosophy Honor Society --  Augustine Yaw Frimpong-Mansoh / LA 240 / 859-572-7546 /
  • Philosophers' Cafe -- Robert Brice / LA 224 / 859-572-5259 /
  • Philosophy Club -- Augustine Yaw Frimpong-Mansoh / LA 240 / 859-572-7546 /