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In this competition, a sequence of eight mathematical problems are flashed one at a time on a projector screen. The two students from each team work together to submit the correct answer in the fastest time.

  • Two students from each varsity team may be chosen by their coaches to participate in this competition.
  • The pair of students for the two-person speed competition may consist of any combination of grade levels (including two seniors).
  • Teams may only submit one answer to each problem. An answer is submitted by folding the answer sheet vertically in half and holding it above one's head.
  • Scores are based on exact, complete, simplified answers only (as in the individual competition). Proctors in the room will check the answers for each team and record scores.

    o The first correct answer submitted for each problem scores 7 points.

    o The second correct answer submitted for each problem scores 5 points.

    o All other correct answers within a maximum of three minutes per problem score 3 points.

  • If the competition results in a tie for first, second, or third place after eight rounds, up to two tie breaking questions will be used in an attempt to break the tie. Only those teams involved in the tie will participate in a tiebreaker. If the tie is not broken after two rounds because no correct answers are submitted, the participating students individual score average will be used to break the tie if possible; otherwise the result will remain a tie. Tie-breaking questions will not count toward a team's overall score.
  • If there are more than 12 teams participating in this part of the competition, teams may be divided into two "rooms" at the discretion of the contest chairs. Each room would be scored according to the above mechanism.
  • If the highest scoring team in the two-person speed competition exceeds 30, all scores will be scaled such that the highest score counting toward overall results will be 30.