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Next Competition Date

The 32nd Annual John O'Bryan Competition is being planned for Thursday, November 23, 2024 at NKU. For more information please browse the website or contact Dr. Nolan.  

Registration will open in August or September.

Congratulations to Campbell County High School, winning in 2022 with a score of 72 points in a contest that saw a point differential of only a dozen points between first place and fifth.  Results are here.

Purpose and History

The John O'Bryan Mathematics competition is designed to stimulate interest in mathematics among high school students in Northern Kentucky and recognize outstanding mathematical achievement among those students.

The John O'Bryan Mathematics Competition was begun in 1992 as a Northern Kentucky regional high school mathematics competition in memory of Campbell County High School student John O'Bryan, who passed away untimely in an automobile accident.  John had a passion for solving mathematics problems. As tribute to him, the school and university community, along with his family, began this competition to honor his memory.  Each year, the competition draws between 70 and 150 high school students from many regional schools who compete both individually and in teams solving math problems.  The competition has been regularly supported by the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at NKU.