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Below are exercise sets that accompany Transition to College Mathematics. Exercise sets are available in both Word & PDF format. 

Chapter 1: Foundations of Algebra (Word, PDF)

1.1 Signed Numbers, Exponents, and Order of Operations
1.2 Prime Numbers, GCF, and LCM
1.3 Fractions
1.4 Decimals and Percentages
1.5 Number Line and Absolute Value
1.6 Applications Using Units, Rates, and Proportions

Chapter 2: Basic Geometry (Word, PDF)

2.1 Properties of Simple Geometric Figures
2.2 Coordinate Geometry
2.3 Pythagorean Theorem and Similar Triangles

Chapter 3: Exponents (Word, PDF)

3.1 Integer Exponents
3.2 Square Roots
3.3 Roots and Rational Exponents

Chapter 4: Polynomials (Word, PDF)

4.1 Add and Subtract Polynomials
4.2 Multiply Polynomials
4.3 Factor Polynomials

Chapter 5: Rational Expressions (Word, PDF)

5.1 Simplify Ratinal Expressions
5.2 Multiply and Divide Rational Expressions
5.3 Add and Subtract Rational Expressions

Chapter 6: Linear Equations & Inequalities (Word, PDF

6.1 Solve Linear Equations in One Variable
6.2 Solve Multivariable Linear Equations for one of Their Variables
6.3 Applications of Linear Equations
6.4 Solve Linear Inequalities in One Variable

Chapter 7: Lines (Word, PDF)

7.1 Slopes and Graphs of Lines
7.2 Equations and Graphs of Lines
7.3 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Chapter 8: Quadratics Equations & Functions (Word, PDF)

8.1 Solve Quadratic Equations
8.2 Completing the Square
8.3 Graph Quadratic Function
8.4 Applications of Quadratic Equations

Chapter 9: Systems of Linear Equations (Word, PDF)

9.1 Solve Systems of Linear Equations by Graph
9.2 Solve Systems of Linear Equations Analytically

Chapter 10: Additional Topics (Word, PDF)

10.1 Functions
10.2 Solve Rational, Radical and Absolute Value Equations