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In the team competition, all five members of the team work together in an attempt to solve six equally weighted problems.

  • The problems may be divided among teammates in any way the team desires; teams have 40 minutes to complete solutions to any or all of the problems.
  • All solutions submitted require appropriate justification to receive credit. A proof, or other clear explanation, must be provided for each answer.
  • Calculator output may be used to understand a problem or check an answer, but should not be included as part of a final written answer.
  • Partial credit will be given, but only for significant progress toward a solution.
  • Teams should hand in only work to be graded; each page must contain the team code as well as the problem number in the upper left hand corner. All problems should be worked on separate sheets of paper. Scratch work should NOT be included as extraneous or incorrect work submitted may reduce the score for that problem.

Team competition papers will be scored by Department of Mathematics and Statistics faculty from NKU.