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The Overall Competition

The Varsity level of the John O'Bryan competition consists of three scoring components. For more information on each one, click on the underlined titles below:

1. Team Competition (9:30 - 10:10 AM, 60 points possible)

2. Individual Competition (10:20 - 11:10 AM, 60 points possible)

3. Two-Person Speed Competition (11:20 - 11:50 AM, 30 points possible, Varsity only)

The team earning the most total combined points from these three competitions will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken if possible by using the team competition score - and if that is tied, the individual competition score - as tiebreakers. Additionally, awards are given to the best teams and students within each component of the contest.

Junior varsity teams participate in the team and individual competitions only. They remain eligible for all individual awards related to these competitions; and additionally the two highest performing junior varsity teams for component will be recognized.

It is not required that a school field students in all parts of the competition in order to participate. For example a school might have only two students wishing to compete. They might choose to compete only in the individual competition (for individual awards) and as a two-person team.


Awards will be given on three levels: (1) School Overalls, (2) Competition Segments, and (3) Individual Exam. An abbreviated list is as follows:

  • The top five varsity teams will be recognized. Points from all three segments of competition will be added together to determine this ranking.

  • For each segment of competition, the top three varsity teams will be recognized. Additionally for the individual and team competitions, the top two junior varsity teams will be recognized. Note: At most one junior varsity team from each school will be recognized. 

  • For the individual Junior-Senior competition, at least the top ten students will be recognized.

  • For the individual Freshman-Sophomore competition, at least the top five students will be recognized.


Contest Chairs

Contest chairs are designated by the NKU Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Any ambiguity or decision not covered in these rules may be addressed as needed by the contest chairs. All decisions of the contest chairs are final.