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Master's Programs
Program Director Phone E-mail
Master of Accountancy Dr. James Human 859-572-5467 

Master of Science in Athletic Training  Dr. Rachele Volgelpohl 859-572-5623

Master of Business Administration  Dr. Abdullah Al Bahrani 859-572-5799

Master of Business in Leadership & Innovation  Dr. Sandra Spataro 859-572-7908

Master of Science in Business Informatics

Dr. Susan Brudvig


Master of Science in Cardiovascular Perfusion  Dr. Jeremy Engel 859-572-5726
Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Dr. Christopher Lawrence 859-572-6652

Master of Science in Cybersecurity  Dr. Wei Hao 859-572-5659
Master of Arts in Education Dr. Doug Feldmann 859-572-5829

Master of Arts in English  Dr. Kelly Moffett 859-572-5619

Master of Science in Exercise Science  Dr. Jason White

Master of Science in Health Administration Dr. Trina Cossin 859-572-5477

Master of Science in Health Informatics Dr. Rupesh Agrawal 859-572-7761

Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology  Dr. Phil Moberg 859-572-1913

Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies Dr. Rhonda Davis 859-572-1433

Master of Legal Studies  Lawrence Rosenthal, Esq. 859-572-5359

Master of Science in Nursing  Dr. Anne Sahingoz 502-460-1619

Master of Public Administration  Dr. Julie Olberding 859-572-5326

Master of Arts in Public History  Dr. Brian Hackett 859-572-6072

Master of Arts in School Counseling  Dr. Dorea Glance 859-572-1490

Master of Social Work  Dr. Katherina Nikzad-Terhune 859-572-6007

Master of Arts in Teaching  Dr. Melissa Hess 859-572-1979

Post-Master's Programs
Program Director Phone E-mail

Education Specialist in Educational Leadership 

Superintendent Certification

Dr. Ginger Blackwell 859-572-6320

Education Specialist in Teaching & Leading

Rank 1 in Teaching

Dr. Doug Feldmann 859-572-5829

Nurse Practitioner Advancement Certificate 

Post-MSN Certificate

Dr. Anne Sahingoz 502-460-1619

Rank 1 School Counseling Dr. Dorea Glance 859-572-1490

Doctoral Programs
Program Director Phone E-mail
Doctor of Education Dr. Brandelyn Tosolt 859-572-1979

Doctor of Nursing Practice - Post-Master's Specialization Dr. Karen Vietz 701-426-8158

Doctor of Nursing Practice - Nurse Anesthesia Specialization Dr. Judy Tenhundfeld 859-572-7627

Doctor of Occupational Therapy  Dr. Terrance Anderson 859-572-6933

Juris Doctor and Joint JD programs  Ashley Siemer, Esq. 859-572-5841