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Graduate catalogs are available in an online format only. Click the Online Graduate Catalog link to view the catalog on our web site.

You can print any pages you need using the "Print this page" function in the upper right of each page.

Graduate Student Polices
General graduate student policies can be found in the graduate catalog. Frequently referenced policies include:

  • Grading Policy: Graduate Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA. For full details on Grades, Academic Probation and other grading issues, see the graduate catalog.
  • Course Age: Courses older than eight years for any graduate program cannot be used toward a degree. 
  • Student Appeals: Graduate students have the right to appeal academic and non-academic matters. These catalog pages spell out those rights and procedures.


Graduate Student Honor Code and Appeal Policies
The Honor Code sets standards of academic integrity and provides procedures that offers basic assurances of fundamental fairness to anyone accused of violations of these rules.  Read the document here.

Appeals Policy handbook provides definitions of behavior that constitutes academic dishonesty, research misconduct, and ethical violations. Additionally, the handbook spells out procedures for appeals.

Grade Appeal Policy (Academic Grievance) – Graduate students follow the same grade appeal process as undergraduate students.  This policy can be found here.

Each NKU graduate student is bound by the provisions of the Honor Code and is presumed to be familiar with all of its provisions.