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Need to upload your work to ProQuest?


After successful completion of the program requirements for the dissertation/thesis/project/exam and after the committee has indicated the student has passed, the student should make all required changes to the document (if applicable to the student’s particular work). Completed is defined as follows: the student has successfully defended the dissertation/thesis/project; has made all changes required by his/her project director and/or thesis/dissertation/project committee; project director and/or thesis/dissertation/project committee has approved those changes.

After the committee chair approves the final document, the student will upload the document in PDF format to the ProQuest/UMI website. Students should not upload documents to UMI until the document is completed. All theses and dissertations must be uploaded by the student to ProQuest/UMI, an online graduate research submission, publishing, archiving, and dissemination service. Complete instructions for the final submission of the dissertation, thesis, or project are published in the Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Guidelines.

Submission to ProQuest/UMI does not necessarily mean acceptance. Once the document has been uploaded to UMI, the director of graduate education will examine the document. The student and graduate program director will be notified of changes/editing that must be made before final approval by the director of graduate education can be given. Once the final dissertation/thesis/project has been certified by the Office of Graduate Education, the director of graduate education will notify the Office of the Registrar that the student has been cleared for graduation as long as all other graduation requirements have been met.