The NKU orchestral program features a diverse array of string, chamber, full, opera, and musical theatre opportunities throughout the year. The 50+ member Philharmonic Orchestra is an ensemble on the rise and quickly gaining positive attention, both locally and beyond. The NKU Philharmonic and other orchestral opportunities are open to all NKU students, regardless of major.


Entrance into NKU Philharmonic Orchestra

NKU Philharmonic Orchestra and other orchestral opportunities are open to music majors, minors, and non-majors. Scholarship opportunities may be available to non-majors for participation. A brief yearly entrance and placement audition is required for all NKU students wishing to participate in the NKU Philharmonic Orchestra. The audition consists of orchestral excerpts. In order to take the audition, students must first enroll in the Philharmonic course, MUSE 305-001, and then sign up for the audition. Depending on audition results, students may drop the course after the audition.



Contact the Director

Amy Gillingham, D.M.A.
Director of Orchestras
(859) 572-1568


NKU Philharmonic Concerto Competition

Competition: Tue, Nov. 13, 2018, 5-10 p.m. (Greaves Concert Hall)

Winner(s) Performance with NKU Philharmonic Orchestra: Tue, Feb. 26, 2019

The competition is open to all full-time students (any major) who play an orchestral instrument, piano, or classical guitar AND are also members of the NKU Philharmonic (during both the competition and performance). Exception: pianists and classical guitarists do not need to be enrolled in the NKU Philharmonic Orchestra in order to be eligible.

Additional details coming soon!