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Kinesiology, or the study of physical movement, has seen a surge in popularity over the last 20 years that experts attribute to its social relevance, its relation to the obesity epidemic, and the growing societal importance of sports and athletics.

The kinesiology curriculum has evolved over the years to offer courses that extend beyond physical education and health to exercise science, exercise prescription, athletic training, motor development and learning, and biomechanics.

Many students pursue traditional careers like teaching or fitness instruction, but more than half pursue other quickly-growing allied health or medical professions like athletic training, exercise science, cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, or occupational therapy.  As the movement to improve health across the lifespan continues, a need for older adult  fitness instructors and movement specialists is also on the horizon.

Advancing Your Career



NKU's Athletic Training Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). The program has been placed on Probation as of February 11, 2020, by the CAATE, 6850 Austin Center Blvd., Suite 100, austin, TX 78731-3101.


Our People

Alar Lipping

Dr. Alar Lipping

School of Kinesiology, Counseling & Rehabilitative Sciences
HC 206 | 859-572-6576 |

Annette Shumard

Mrs. Annette Shumard
Academic Coordinator

School of Kinesiology, Counseling & Rehabilitative Sciences
HC 206K | 859-572-6553 |

Program Directors
Terrance Anderson

Dr. Terrance Anderson
Occupational Therapy, OTD Program Director

FH 495L | 859-572-6933 |

Dorea Glance

Dr. Dorea Glance
School Counseling, MA Program Director

MEP 203D | 859-572-1490 |

Christopher Lawrence

Dr. Christopher Lawrence
Clinical Mental Health, MS Program Director

MEP 211 | 859-572-6652 |

Dr. Carol Ryan

Dr. Carol Ryan
Physical Education and Health, BA Program Director

HC 206G | 859-572-5152 |

Gabe Sanders

Dr. Gabe Sanders
Exercise Science, MS Program Director

HC 111 | 859-572-1331 |

Cory Sheadler

Dr. Cory Scheadler
Exercise Science, BS Program Director

HC 206D-2 | 859-572-6082 |

Hallie Sylvestro

Dr. Hallie Sylvestro
Human Services & Addictions, BS Program Director

MEP 203H | 859-572-6149 |

Rachele Vogelpohl

Dr. Rachele Vogelpohl
Athletic Training, MS & BS Program Director

HE 599B | 859-572-5623 |

Keith Collins

Mr. Keith Collins
Exercise Science

HC 206B-1 | 859-572-5960 |

Gary Eippert

Dr. Gary Eippert

HC 206F | 859-572-6156 |

Rebecca Elkins

Dr. Rebecca Elkins
Physical Education and Health

HC 206C-1 | 859-572-5196 |

Collin Herb

Dr. Collin Herb
Athletic Training

HE 595K | 859-572-1399 |

Jennifer Lape Kaiser

Dr. Jennifer Lape Kaiser

HC 206B-2 |

Alma Mattocks

Mrs. Alma Mattocks
Athletic Training and Clinical Education

HE 595J | 859-572-1547 |

Alma Mattocks

Dr. Rhyanne McDade
Diversity Post Doctoral Fellow

HE 206 |

Susannah Coaston

Dr. Susannah Coaston
Counseling & Human Servcies

MEP 203C | 859-572-1551 |

Josh Elliott

Dr. Joshua Elliott
Counseling and Human Services

MP 262 | 859-572-7598 |

Greg Hatchett

Dr. Greg Hatchett
Counseling & Human Services

MEP 203G | 859-572-6195 |

Dana Ripley

Dr. Dana Ripley
Counseling & Human Services

MEP 256 | 859-572-1994 |

Jennifer Sharp

Dr. Jennifer Sharp
Counseling & Human Services

MEP 203B | 859-572-6125 |

Ashley Nicole de la Torre-Brooks

Dr. Ashley Nicole De La Torre-Brooks
Field Experience Coordinator, Human Services and Addictions