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Undergraduate Reserach in Physics and Astronomy

Undergraduate students (physics majors and other related majors) have the opportunity to participate in research with physics faculty in the department. NKU physics majors have been involved in research funded by NASA, NSF, and other sources.

In recent years, research areas involving faculty-student teamwork at NKU have included projects such as mathematical descriptions of gravity (black holes), analysis of elementary particle experiments, ultraviolet spectra of hot supergiant stars, very low frequency radiation, effects of alternating electromagnetic fields, particle astrophysics, structure of glasses, and studies of sound levels at the local airport.

Current Student Projects

Current Student Research Topics
  • Modelling of Point Defects in Intermetallic Binary Alloys
  • Phase Segregation of Cadmium in Palladium-Gallium Alloys
  • Molecular Dynamics of Organic Molecules on Graphite and Graphene
  • Dynamical Computer Simulations of Planet Formation
  • Monte Carlo Simulations of Magnetic Systems
  • Investigating the Effect of Inscoporation of Carbon Nanotubes into the Ge_xSe_1-xGlass System
  • Plasmon Assisted Rdiolytic Energy Conversions in Aqueous Solutions
  • Electromagnetic Wave Motion Around a Black Hole
  • ISS-CREAM Detector Geometries in Simulation
  • Data Visualization through Science on a Sphere