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There are many opportunities to do research with a faculty member, and the results of the research may be presented at a local or national meeting, such as the Kentucky Academy of Science or the Geological Society of America. Current and ongoing projects include:

  • Exploring karst hydrology utilizing dye tracing
  • Using electrical resistivity to locate unknown sections at Mammoth Cave
  • Using sequential LiDAR to monitor and catalog recently active landslides in Kenton and Campbell counties in Northern Kentucky
  • Cave Mapping at Carter Caves, KY
  • Geophysical surveying of landslides in Northern Kentucky
  • Application of spectral reflectance methods to monitor the water quality of aquatic ecosystems 
  • Multi-proxy monitoring of paleolake productivity 
  • Monitoring the water quality of karst springs in Northern and Northeastern Kentucky
3 students collect water samples from a canoe

Collecting water samples

Two students measuring the width of a stream

Stream restoration

4 students gather data from canoes near the edge of a stream

Monitoring paleolake productivity

Students using geophysical equipment in a field

Geophysical Survey

2 students in a canoe collecting water samples under a ridge

Canoeing to the site where they will monitor water quality

A class poses in front of a tree-covered outcrop of rocks

Glacial geology field trip