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Art Appreciation explores the reasons behind why humans create art and what it can communicate to the world at large. Students interested in exploring cultures through art and broadening their perspective of the world around them should consider Art Appreciation as a General Education Credit in Culture and Creativity.



Foundation of Knowledge

The general education program guides students to become independent learners, innovative thinkers, and responsible citizens. The program gives students a foundation of values, knowledge, and skills that empower them to discover their personal potential, communicate effectively, work in diverse communities, and solve problems in a global society. Courses invite students to expand the lifelong practice of asking questions, seeking new points of view, applying principles of reason, adjusting ideas in relation to new situations, and taking reflective action.


General Education Course

Art Appreciation is a General Eduaction Course in the Culture and Creative Category that make up NKU's General Education Program.  


Culture and Creativity Category

The objectives of the Culture and Creativity Category are to teach students to effectively gather material relating to a focused topic using a variety of tools, sources, and search strategies; to explore the implications and consequences of their initial conclusions and use them to generate new ideas, questions, and directions for further inquiry; to compare historical perspectives on the development of various cultures; and to demonstrate how literature and the arts reflect and influence cultures.

Six semester credit hours are required to satisfy this category.



Art Appreciation Coordinator

Paige Wideman

Paige Wideman 
Office: FA 413
Phone: (859) 572-6062




Art & Design Program

The Art & Design Program is a dynamic and open environment that allows for exploration and growth on many levels, including personal. Students wishing to further explore creative studies and careers should explore our Art Minor and Art Major options.

SOTA Art & Design Program