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Congratulations to NKU's 2021 Academic Affairs Staff Award Winners!

Teresa Huddleston

Department of Management

"Teresa is and has been a leader in the Haile/U.S. Bank College of Business who shows responsibility, dedication and distingushed work ethic in the positions she has had in the past 9 years. Teresa commits herself fully to her job, putting maximum effort into completing job-related tasks to the best of her ability. She demonstrates critical thinking, effective reasoning, clear communication and creativity. Teresa is a model of high performance standards." "As great of an employee as she is, Teresa is first and foremost a kind and compassionate human being."


Michelle Melish

Office of Education Abroad

"Michelle always makes the success of the NKU’s students her first priority, not just during a pandemic crisis or in a temporary executive position but as a matter of daily practice. I know that she takes her main job assignment of giving U.S. students valuable and engaging study-abroad experiences as potentially life-changing parts of a university education very seriously." "In the past year, she has further demonstrated her leadership potential in an exemplary manner. Inspired by principles of inclusive excellence and equity, she has launched an initiative aimed at increasing the number of under-represented students in study abroad programs. Taking advantage of professional and leadership development opportunities, working collaboratively with colleagues across the region and the state, Michelle has become a respected International Education professional."
Academic Affairs Staff Award Nominees
Congratulations to all of the nominees for this year's staff awards! All are deserving of recognition for their outstanding work!

Missy Gish

Ann Peelman

Ashley Siemer

Beth Sweeney

Christa Witt

Jackie Marsala

Jennifer Richmond

Kelli Rieskamp

Mary Ucci

Michelle Melish

Paula Seta

Teresa Huddleston