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NKU would like to express its gratitude for the invaluable contribution that the following faculty have made to this university. We wish to congratulate them on their retirement!
College of Arts and Sciences

Blas Puente-Baldoceda

Department of World Languages and Literature

Originally from Perú, Blas Puente Baldoceda arrived at NKU in 1989 and for over three decades taught courses in Spanish language and linguistics, as well as Latin American literature and culture. He has published books and articles on a variety of topics that include the Quechua language, contemporary Latin American writers Gregorio Martínez, Ednodio Quintero, Armando Romero and Manuel Scorza, as well as numerous original short stories, since he is a prolific writer in his own right. He has a wicked sense of humor and is also an excellent cook who has mastered the art of the French baguette and a variety of international cuisines. 


Nicole Grant

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Philosophy


In her full-time faculty position at the Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy Department at NKU for 28 years (1989-1991; 1995-2021), Dr. Nicole Grant taught a wide variety of Sociology courses, especially in the areas of race, class, gender, sexualities, and Native American social issues. Dr. Grant was the recipient of NKU’s Excellence in Outreach and Engagement Award in 2016, and she was a devoted and beloved active Faculty Advisor for various student organizations, including the Kiksuya Student Organization (2007-2021), First Nations Student Organization (2006-2012), Sociology Student Organization (1989-91), and she also frequently engaged in study away programs (e.g. at the Cheyenne River and Pine Ridge reservations).


Aimee Krug

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Aimee Krug joined what was then the Department of Mathematical Sciences in 1986. When reflecting on her career, collaborations with faculty and students were a consistent through line. She was instrumental in obtaining the first academic license of the software package Mathematica, which led to the development of a course that remains in the core of the mathematics major. Dr. Krug has also served on numerous hiring committees and championed the addition of diverse voices to the department. She has been a dedicated classroom teacher, an impactful faculty member, and a collegial university citizen.


Brant Karrick

School of the Arts

Music Program

Dr. Brant Karrick is retiring from the Music Program in the School of the Arts after for 19 years serving as the Director of Bands and teaching both music majors and non-majors to deepen their musical skills individually and together. His passion for teaching, music, conducting, and composing could be seen on stage and in the classroom with a contagious enthusiasm felt by students and audience alike.


Bob Wilcox

Department of History and Geography

A scholar of Latin American history, especially related to environmental change, Bob Wilcox’s book Cattle in the Backlands won the 2018 Henry A Wallace Award from the prestigious Agricultural History Society. Described by students as an engaging and thought-provoking teacher in and out of the classroom, Bob is appreciated across campus for his support of the Latinx community.
Haile College of Business

Gary Clayton

Department of Economics and Finance

Gary Clayton came to Northern Kentucky University in 1980 as the first Department Chair of Business, taught courses in international economics, and authored several economics textbooks for high school, college, and practitioner audiences. In 2005-06 he was honored as NKU's Frank Sinton Milburn Outstanding Professor and was the first American to receive an honorary doctorate from the People's Friendship University of Russia.


Ausbra McFarland

Department of Marketing, Sports Business, and Construction Management

Ausbra's research interests include analyzing the residential construction practices associated with different types of foundations and test materials. His teaching leveraged his real-world construction management experience and focused on Construction Materials, Cost Control, and Sustainable Construction.


Matthew Ford

Department of Management

Matt received his undergraduate degree in Applied Science & Paper Engineering from Miami University and his Ph.D. in Operations Management from the University of Cincinnati before spending the last 21 years at Northern Kentucky University and retiring in December 2021. Matt was an excellent teacher and won 10 awards for teaching including 3 prestigious Sandy Easton Teaching Awards which are voted on by the students in the HAILE College of Business.


Duke Thompson

Department of Economics and Finance

Professor John “Duke” Thompson was a senior faculty member in Finance and Director of the MBA since his arrival in 2005. His employment in the automobile industry and his membership in the Society of Automotive Engineers contributed to his many publications and presentations involving the issues of ethics and dishonesty in the corporate world.
College of Education

Steve Crites

Educational Leadership and Advanced Studies

Dr. Steve Crites served in the College of Education, specifically within special education studies, from 2007 to 2021. He was instrumental in initiating and building the college’s autism BCBA program, which affords candidates an opportunity to receive certification for in-school services as well as in a clinical setting. Dr. Crites held several leadership roles as well, including his last role as Associate Dean in the college. Dr. Crites was director of the highly successful Kentucky Traineeship Program and played an important role in the college’s last successful accreditation (CAEP) visit in the summer of 2021. Dr. Crites retired from NKU in July, 2021.
College of Health and Human Services

Angela Riley

School of Nursing

Angela Riley has worked at NKU for 13 years and is a Cardiac Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience.  Professor Riley has taught pathopharmagology and advanced medical surgical nursing. She has worked very hard at developing teaching and learning strategies that assist students to master critical thinking and clinical reasoning. Student comments reflect her dedication to their learning.


Linda Ault

School of Nursing

Dr. Linda Ault began her academic career as the first social work student at NKU, and is retiring as the Director of the School of Social Work with over 20 years teaching experience, based on twenty-five years of professional experience. She is an International social work scholar awarded a Fulbright to Ukraine Ternopil Pedagogical University, researched social work education with the University of Havana, Cuba, and served on the Board of Directors of Project Casa Mare assisting the Republic of Moldova in developing Master of Social Work programs.


Tom Baxter

School of Allied Health

Tom Baxter’s career includes 10 years at NKU and over 40 years as a respiratory care instructor, during which time he has taught a wide variety of courses across the respiratory care curriculum, in addition to serving as an accreditation site visitor for many years. His passion for educating healthcare professionals has undoubtedly resulted in improved health outcomes for countless patients, and he will miss the many colleagues and students from whom he has learned almost as much as he has taught.


Deb Chilcote

School of Nursing

Deb Chilcote has worked at NKU for 14 years, a tenure track faculty member and brought extensive obstetrical nursing experience to the School of Nursing.  Deb's spent many years working with students on pinning celebrations committees which highlights every student's time in the nursing program.
College of Informatics

Steven Weiss

Department of Communication  

Dr. Steven Weiss, Professor of Communication, completed his phased retirement at the end of the Fall 2021 semester. Dr. Weiss held many important leadership roles including Chair of the Council of Chairs, two terms as Faculty Senate President, 12 years as the Senate’s Parliamentarian, and three years as NKU Faculty Regent, but above all he is a respected teacher and scholar, as illustrated by the textbook he co-authored Making Arguments: Reason in Context, and his expertise was on display at the presidential debate watch parties that were frequently covered by local news outlets.


Sam Lapin

Department of Communication

Sam Lapin is retiring as Lecturer in the Department of after more than 25 years in service to the university. He received the Michael C.C. Adams and Susan S. Adams Outstanding NKU Nontenure Track Faculty Member Award in 2011, was selected as the PACE Faculty Member of the Year in 2015, and most recently, the Grant County Chamber of Commerce named him the Grant County Educator of the Year.


Scot Cunningham

Department of Computer Science

Scot Cunningham joined NKU in 2009 as a Lecturer I after 30+ years as a software developer. Scot retrained in IT and developed and maintained our networking track in the CIT degree. Scot retired in May 2021.
Chase College of Law

Carol Bredemeyer

Law Library

Professor Carol Bredemeyer has served Chase for just under forty-five years, joining the law library faculty in 1978 and serving in numerous roles – including Director of the Law Library– throughout her tenure. During this time, she has taught numerous legal research courses, provided immeasurable service to the College of Law and to the University as a whole, served on both regional and national library organization committees, and served as an invaluable member of the law library faculty for Chase faculty members, students, and members of the public who utilize the law library.


Jennifer Jolly-Ryan


Professor Jennifer Jolly-Ryan taught at Chase for over twenty-five years and was instrumental in restructuring and modernizing Chase’s first-year Legal Writing program. In addition to focusing her teaching in the area of Legal Writing, she also taught Trial Advocacy, Employment Law, Employment Discrimination Law, and Pre-trial Litigation; the variety of courses demonstrates her variety of scholarship interests, which include all types of discrimination, pedagogy, and even the legal issues that affect her passion – kayaking.


Chris Gulinello


Professor Chris Gulinello completed eighteen years at Chase, focusing his innovative teaching approaches and his scholarship on Contract Law, Corporate Law, Chinese Business Law, and other law-related topics such as Accounting and Statistics. He served as the inaugural Director of the W. Bruce Lunsford Academy for Law, Business + Technology, and he played a vital role in seeing the Academy develop into the asset it has become in its first decade of existence.
Learning PLUS

Wanda Crawford

Learning PLUS

Wanda was a senior lecturer in Learning PLUS and Coordinator of the Writing Center and Developmental Literacy Program. She spent her 34 year career at NKU helping students persist to graduation through becoming more engaged learners, strategic readers, and effective writers.
W. Frank Steely Library

John Schlipp

Library Services

John wrote the textbook for and taught the popular interdisciplinary course LIN 405, Intellectual Property and Information Rights. His research interests include patents, trademarks, fair use, and freedom of expression issues.


Philip Yannarella

Library Services

Phil Yannarella served as the Government Documents Librarian at W. Frank Steely Library for 44 years. His passion for government information and dedication to access will be greatly missed.