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NKU has introduced three new awards as part of the annual Academic Affairs Faculty and Staff Honors and Awards. These are designed to reward academic units (schools, departments, etc.) for excellent work accomplished as it relates to Success by Design: NKU's new strategic framework. Congratulations to the following units!
Academic Unit Excellence in Access Award

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Philosophy

"The Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy is extremely active in many different ways in improving student access to their disciplines and, importantly, to NKU and to college generally. Their work with community colleges through recruiting events and through updating pathway agreements for all their degrees demonstrates their commitment to access for our community college partners. I have been particularly impressed with their efforts over the last couple years to very actively reach out to students who have stopped out and bring them back to NKU. In some of these cases, they improve access of students to majors outside their own department, yet they enthusiastically support the pathways of all students. It is easy, I think, to see a theme in the work of the department. They work collaboratively to improve access of ALL students to NKU, regardless of what majors the students eventually choose here."
Academic Unit Excellence in Career and Community Engagement Award

Master of Public Administration Program

"In our MPA program, students are not just encouraged but required to engage with the community during their program – the winners are the students and the community. Career preparation is inextricably linked with the community engagement structure of their Masters in PUBLIC Administration program. I truly believe the MPA program is a university exemplar in the manner in which community engagement is made central to the education and career advancement training they provide to their students."
Provost Award for Excellence in Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Chemistry Bachelor of Science Program

The 2020-2021 NKU Provost Award for Excellence in Student Learning Outcomes Assessment has been awarded to the Chemistry Bachelor of Science program. This program demonstrated a strong culture of assessment and an infrastructure to support the assessment initiatives for continuous improvement. The program has also demonstrated clear examples of how the assessment results are being used to improve student learning.