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Success by Design logo in the middle surrounded by four blocks with the names of the four implementation projects.

Success by Design Impact Projects

After a period of gathering and assessing input from all campus constituents during the planning phase, four key student success projects emerged. These four projects focus on areas of national best practices and align closely with our Moon Shot for Equity initiative. Two cross-divisional teams were formed to lead these campus-wide projects and work continues in earnest to implement necessary changes to create a better experience for all our students. SBD is on the move! 

Coordinated Care

The Northern Kentucky University community empowers students to take control of their college experience and achieve their fullest potential through streamlined practices that promote proactive outreach, timely response, effective collaboration, and holistic, wrap-around support to facilitate student success.  


Tripwire Identification

NKU has begun a methodical review of the processes and challenges of administrative units that directly impact the student experience, including a thorough review ofadmissions, registration, and financial aid with a goal to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

Degree, Co-Curricular
& Career Mapping

Providing students with opportunities to deepen and broaden their experience is imperative for preparing them for the workforce. Connecting students with how to go above and beyond is essential as they strive to make contributions to the economic, social, and civic prosperity of the region.


High-Impact Practices

NKU has set a goal for all students to participate in at least two high-impact practices to enhance their experience. High-impact practices include a variety of experiential learning practices such as undergraduate research, internships, service learning and first-year seminars.