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High-Impact Practices

NKU has set a goal for all students to participate in at least two high-impact practices during their academic journey.  High-impact practices include a variety of experiential learning practices such as undergraduate research, internships, service learning and first-year seminars, to name a few.

We know HIPs are already happening in our classrooms, and we aim to highlight, strengthen, and build upon the work already being completed.


Why High-Impact Practices?

Extensive national research has identified a set of educational experiences that have particularly high value for all students. Engaging in these experiences has been shown to promote deep learning, increase student engagement, raise student performance, and increase persistence and graduation rates.


Overview of High-Impact Practices

Student working in a science lab
Faculty seated at tables during institute
Implementation quality is critical in terms of realizing the benefits of HIP participation... student participation in one or more HIPs should be an intentional, evidence-based decision and tailored to the institutional context and its students. Simply increasing the number of available HIPs is not an effective approach to scaling.

Faculty and Staff