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Metrics can be seen as the bridge between the vision of the institution and the execution of the strategic plan. A set of indicators that helps us determine if we are headed in the right direction, at the right pace, and with the right resources.



Undergraduate Enrollment Fall 2022 10,940
Graduate Enrollment Fall 2022 4,887
Unmet Financial Need AY 2021-22 $10,404


Retention Rate First-time Full-time Fall 2021 Cohort 77.5%
Graduation Rate First-time Full-time Fall 2021 Cohort 51.7%
Graduate and Law Degrees Conferred AY 2022-23 1,796

Career & Community Engagement

High-impact Practices Participation Spring 2022 68.0%
Post-Graduation Employment 1-Year Post Completion 82.0%