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NKU's Model for Coordinated Care

The Northern Kentucky University community empowers students to take control of their college experience and achieve their fullest potential through streamlined practices that promote proactive outreach, timely response, effective collaboration, and holistic, wrap-around support to facilitate student success.  


NKU has identified five primary themes that encompass the holistic support we believe necessary to provide students with an optimal college experience.  We believe that it is the responsibility of all faculty and staff to have a basic understanding of each of these five themes and be acquainted with the campus resources that directly support each theme.
Coordinated Care Themes
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Levels of Support

Primary Support

The units in the primary level of the coordinated care model are those with advanced knowledge of the designated theme, provide proactive service and outreach, and serve as a primary point of contact.

Secondary Support

The units in the secondary level of the coordinated care model collaborate with the primary unit to further round out support for students.



Tertiary Support

All members of the campus community have a basic level of knowledge and understanding of resources and are able to get the student to the appropriate unit for support.