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The prestigious Michael Francis Zalla Honors Scholarship is awarded to five incoming Honors students each year. The goal of this scholarship is to enable the recipient to become engaged in numerous opportunities on campus such as study abroad, community engagement, undergraduate research, and internships by relieving some of the finanical burden of the cost of attending college.

Michael Zalla was an Honors student at NKU who was killed in a tragic car accident in 1986 at the age of 18. Using the insurance settlement family members received after his passing, they opted to help others, and thus the Michael Francis Zalla Memorial Foundation was created. Since its inception, the foundation has supported a variety of causes and organizations. This scholarship is possible due to the generous contribution and longtime support of the Zalla family.

Michael Zalla
Michael Zalla
2022-2023 Zalla Scholars
Phoenix Bills
Ella Cooper
Ella Cooper
Joseph Hamilton
Kasey Vazquez-Lozano
Kasey Vazquez-Lozano
2021-2022 Zalla Scholars
Jaycie Bussell
Christin Frederick
Sydney Melton
Ava Sills
2020-2021 Zalla Scholars
Jordan Griffin
Autum Wolfe
Casey King
Hannah Wright
Haley Orth