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Jaycie Bussell
Jaycie Bussell is an incoming freshman at NKU who plans on obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology. Growing up, Jaycie lived in a small rural town. She attended Bath County High School and graduated first in her class as well as being named valedictorian. While growing up, Jaycie often faced many barriers to break through, especially being a young woman interested in a STEM field. This is why it is so important to Jaycie while attending NKU and far into the future to advocate for Women in STEM as well as educating youth about STEM. Additionally, Jaycie plans on extending the advancements and education of technology to rural areas. Jaycie has had personal experience with how behind rural areas can be in technological topics and wants to help improve upon this. While in high school, Jaycie volunteered at multiple healthcare walks and fairs; along with volunteering at the Kentucky Special Olympics. Additionally, Jaycie is a part of the Honors College and Freshmen Service Leadership Society. She plans on taking advantage of her time in these communities to grow as a person and achieve her academic and personal goals.