The Honors Capstone is the culminating achievement of the Honors College curriculum. This is an opportunity for students to pursue their interests while implementing the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout their Honors experience. The capstone project is conducted over two consecutive semesters in which the student works with an individual faculty mentor to complete a project of their choosing. At the conclusion of the second semester, students present their capstone projects at The Conference of Honors.

View the Capstone Handbook for more detailed guidance.

View past Capstone abstracts to see what our students have done.

Beginning the Capstone Process:

Students planning to begin their capstone in the future should attend a Capstone brainstorming workshop to aid in developing their project ideas. Students may attend more than one workshop.
A pre-proposal must be submitted by midterms the semester before a student plans to begin their Capstone. This is a way for students to jot down ideas and ensure they are on the right track.
The proposal describes the scope and significance of the project the student is envisioning. It is due by the last day of classes prior to the semester the student plans to begin capstone work.

Important Capstone Dates & Deadlines: