Environmental Education in Kentucky


This website contains a monthly calendar of Environmental Education events and programs, a directory of environmental education resources, a directory of environmental education organizations, a search service that finds environmental education resources and events near you — by ZIP code, access to enviromental education across the southeast, and much more!  If you are an environmental education provider in the state, you can enter your information so that others have access to it!

Environmental Quality Commission


"Since 1972, the Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission, a seven-member citizen advisory board, has worked to strengthen the public role in solving environmental problems in our communities and the state."

Kentucky Association for Environmental Education


"KAEE is one of the country's oldest associations supporting environmental education and the first affiliate of the North American Association for Environmental Education. KAEE represents teachers, government, industry, parents, students - people who understand that each citizen should be able to make wise decisions concerning the environment, and to do that, they must be educated about the environment."

Kentucky Division of Water 


"The mission of the Kentucky Division of Water is to manage, protect and enhance the quality and quantity of the commonwealth's water resources for present and future generations through voluntary, regulatory and education programs."

Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet


"Energy and the environment -- two parts of our daily lives that seem at first glance to be counter to each other.  Yet, in Kentucky, we firmly believe these two areas can and should be part of the same discussion.  That is why Gov. Steve Beshear brought the two together under the Energy and Environment Cabinet (EEC).

"There are three departments within the EEC.  The Department for Environmental Protection, Department for Natural Resources and Department for Energy Development and Independence.  Click on cabinet agencies and departments for a complete listing of agency offices."

Kentucky Environmental Education Council


"The Kentucky Environmental Education Council is a state agency located in the Education Cabinet.  The work of the Council is directed by a group of citizens appointed by the Governor.  This governing body is also known as the Kentucky Environmental Education Council.     The Kentucky Environmental Education Council was established to improve Kentuckians' understanding of their environment.  Although our major focus is primary and secondary education, the Council also works with colleges and universities, businesses, local governments, private organizations and citizens; in fact, anyone who wishes to help themselves or their students better understand our relationship to the natural world.  Our goal is to provide citizens with the knowledge they need to make their own informed decisions about their environment."

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources


"The History of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources from Settlement Through 1944:  The history of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) actually dates back to around 1750, when adventurous spirits exploring our state's uncharted territory found lush forests filled with game and clean streams teeming with mussels and fish.  Deer, bison, bear, cougar, bobcat, turkey, pheasant, partridge, and waterfowl -- the land's rich bounty was there for the taking.  But it wouldn't last.  With the passage of a mere 100 years, Kentucky's natural world would be drastically different."

Kentucky Division for Air Quality


"The primary focus of the Division for Air Quality's education and information activities is 'Clean Air for Kentucky.'  This program features an air quality unit of study aligned to national science and KERA learning standards.  Units of study are available for all grade levels."

Kentucky Division of Forestry


"The division offers a variety of programs and services ranging from forest management and landowner assistance to logger training, urban forestry, forest health, wildfire prevention and forestry education.  The learn more about these opportunities, visit the Division Programs and Services Web page for more details."

Kentucky Geological Survey


"In 1996, the Education Committee of the Kentucky Geological Survey, in conjunction with the Kentucky Society of Professional Geologists, established the Earth Science Education Network (ESEN).  Originally, the network provided a group of geologists who served as resource persons for teachers.  In the fall of 1996, ESEN was expanded to provide resources from around the globe using the World Wide Web.   In order to keep the network useful, we encourage suggestions from educators."

Kentucky Native Plant Society


"The Kentucky Native Plant Society was founded in 1986 for everyone interested in the native plants and wildflowers of Kentucky. Plants are essential to both the well-being of our Commonwealth's natural ecosystems and our enjoyment of its unique environment.  With members in Kentucky and neighboring states, the Kentucky Native Plant Society is a leader in promoting education about, appreciation for, and conservation of our native flora."

Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission


"KSNPC's Mission: To protect Kentucky's natural heritage by (1) identifying, acquiring and managing natural areas that represent the best known occurrences of rare native species, natural communities and significant natural features in a statewide nature preserve system; (2) working with others to protect biological diversity; and (3) educating Kentuckians as to the value and purpose of nature preserves and biodiversity conservation."