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College of Education Scholarships

Northern Kentucky University provides countless opportunities to assist our students with college expenses. 

In addition to NKU scholarships, the College of Education is able to offer numerous scholarships to our students through the generous support of our donors. 


Current Application Deadline: February 16, 2024

  • Scholarship applications typically open in the fall and are due in the early spring. Scholarships are then awarded for the following academic year. 
  • *Most of the application links below will direct you to the NKU Office of Student Financial Assistance application page, which has additional pertinent information along with the application links. Completing the NKU student application through the Office of Student Financial Assistance places you in the running for many of the scholarships listed below, except for in-house scholarships noted otherwise. These in-house scholarships are indicated with an asterisk (*) symbol next to the name and require application through the accompanying unique application link. 


Scholarships for COE Undergraduate Students


Scholarships for COE Graduate Students

NKU Scholarships

In addition to COE scholarships, NKU offers scholarships that apply to a broad range of students. Click here to see if you qualify:



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