The fully online courses offered annually through the Department of Teacher Education are offered as a micro-credential, an endorsement certificate or as part of the master's degree, Rank I, and doctoral programs.  The courses may also be taken in a non-degree status.

They include:

  • EDG 621 Introductions to Gifted Education Historical, philosophical, and psychological foundations of special educational provisions for high-ability students; characteristics, identification, and typical school programs.
  • EDG 623 Teaching Creative and Higher-Level Thinking Theories of creativity, higher-level thinking, and problem solving identifying creative potential; classroom strategies and curriculum materials related to creativity and higher-level thinking.
  • EDG 625 School Programs for Gifted Students Theoretical bases and model school programs and services for high-ability students; procedures for planning, implementing, and evaluating special educational provisions for gifted students; curriculum design and teaching strategies. PREREQ: EDG 621 and EDG 623, or consent of coordinator of graduate studies in education.
  • EDG 627 Seminar and Field Experiences in Gifted Education Research and discussion of critical problems in gifted education; application of knowledge and skills in gifted education in one or more settings with gifted students; planning supervised teaching, and advocacy techniques. PREREQ: EDG 621, EDG 623, and EDG 625, or consent of coordinator of graduate studies in education.
  • EDG 629 Special Topics in Gifted Education (1-6 sem. hrs.)  In-depth study of one dimension of recent research, theory, and curriculum design, or teaching strategies in gifted education.

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