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We appreciate your interest in the Master of Arts (MAEd) or Education Specialist (EdS) in Educational Leadership.  The job of school principal can be an extremely rewarding administrative position in which you can really make a difference in the lives of students, teachers, parents, and the community.  Either of these degrees may be completed entirely online - an important factor for busy teachers and school leaders when deciding on a program. Completion of the degree coursework and exams required for certification will lead to a recommendation for Level I of both principal P-12 and supervisor of instruction P-12.

What You Can Do

Our faculty includes experienced principals who are committed to providing you with the knowledge, skills and dispositions you will need to be an effective school leader. We work with area schools to jointly identify candidates and mentors to support the candidates in this program. You will meet current principals as instructors, fieldwork supervisors and guest speakers. Throughout coursework and field experiences, candidates in the program are exposed to diverse student populations and school environments through various opportunities to observe, participate, and lead. Faculty, current principals, other school administrators, and community leaders collaborate to create relevant experiences to prepare you to understand school culture, curriculum, assessment, supervision of teachers to build capacity, and management of a school focused on school improvement.

Program Contact Information

Dr. Ginger Blackwell 
Director of the Educational Leadership Programs


Beyond the Classroom

You will meet other excellent teachers who aspire to become school principals. Our classes are delivered completely online and fieldwork classes will be completed in your school with district mentors.

The program will provide a teaching-learning climate in a series of courses, field experiences and applied research focused on the following goals:

  • To work with area districts to identify and recruit the best candidates to be trained to become P-12 assistant principals and/or principals;
  • To work with our Advisory Council to co-design and co-deliver classes that are relevant to district work;
  • To provide field experiences that give candidates the opportunity to observe, participate and lead;
  • To support, advise and encourage candidates who want to become school principals;
  • To develop capstone projects that inform the school and district of relevant research to help them be successful;
  • To assist candidates to get jobs as principals or assistant principals and support them in their careers.