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Albert Cooper was a noted scientist and educator. In 1978, shortly after his death, his wife Louis Cooper established the scholarship to recognize students involved in undergraduate research in the NKU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Department faculty select one or two rising seniors who have been active in department undergraduate research during their time at NKU. Recipients receive a scholarship and are recognized on a plaque outside the department office.

Albert and Louise Cooper Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Year Recipient
2022 Sam Siebert
2021 Elise Bezold, Kellyn Dolezal
2020 Bailey Hardy
2019 Bryce Dye, Hannah Sizemore
2018 Daisy DiVita
2017 Emma Gordon
2016 Jason Callihan
2015 Alma Onate, Travis Schuyler
2014 Duong Thuy Do
2013 Emma Vander Ende
2003 Sara Goetz, Israel Hensley
2002 Doug Millay, Lisa Durbin
2000 James Allen Easton, Brooke Phillips